Oat Straw Tea for Healthy Skin

The use of oat straw dates back many centuries. Although it has been used for many agricultural purposes, oat straw is also packed with many nutrients and vitamins. Oat straw offers many well known benefits such as lowering cholesterol and aiding in reducing the risk of heart disease. Surprisingly, oat straw can be brewed into an herbal tea which can further improve good health and well-being. As a tea, oat straw can be one of the best herbal tonics for strengthening the health of the skin due to beneficial constituents that it has to offer.

Oat Straw Sunset

The Importance of Healthy Skin

Believe it or not, when it comes to your body skin is the largest organ you have. This may be surprising since many people do not often consider the skin as an organ. Skin is also far more important than many people give note to. It acts as a barrier, helping to prevent the introduction of harmful microbes and bacteria into the body. It also helps the body retain fluids which prevents dehydration and it helps the body to maintain a balanced temperature. Your skin is also responsible for helping your body to produce vitamin D, which is important for the growth of healthy bones as well as other things. With all these responsibilities and more, your skin most definitely plays an essential role in your body, always working to keep your body in good health. For this reason it is very important to maintain good skin health, so that you can prevent infections as well as other sicknesses.

Fresh Oat Straw

Using Oat Straw Tea for Skin Health

Oat straw tea has a high silica content which makes it particularly good for helping to improve the strength and health of the skin. Oat straw tea has been also used for aiding in the preventing and decreasing of inflammation and it also helps to remove harmful toxins from the blood stream. Additionally, oat straw tea can be used externally to help relieve dry skin as well as aid in the relief of varicose veins. Allow it to cool before applying it topically to the skin. A small cloth can be soaked in oat straw tea and it can be laid gently over the affected area. Allow it sit for up to twenty minutes to allow the tea to be absorbed by the skin.