The Many Benefits of Oat Straw Tea

The list of herbal teas that are offered to the population seems to grow longer with every passing year. Today, there are vast scores of herbal teas to choose from and many of these are uncommon and unheard of. Many of these herbal teas, like oat straw tea, are in fact quite useful and may be well worth your interest to look into. With all the benefits that oat straw tea has to offer, it may have an answer to just about any common health problem you have, making it a quick and easy cure-all to keep in stock in your cupboard. This article will explain just a few of the countless benefits that may be found in this brew of tea.

Fresh Oat Straw

Vitamin & Mineral Rich

One of the best benefits of oat straw tea, and the reason behind many other benefits as well, is that it is packed full of important nutrients like vitamins, and minerals. Calcium and magnesium are just a couple of the healthy minerals found in oat straw tea as well as vitamins A, B-Complex, C, and E.  Oatstraw tea also contains silicia, flavones, and saponins making it an excellent way to tone the entire body.

Benefits on the Mind

Many herbalists claim that drinking a couple cups of oatstraw tea is an effective and natural way to steer off feelings of depression by improving the mood. The calming effects of this herbal tea can relax the mind and allow for clearer thinking, which make this a great brew to drink at the end of a long day or if you’re prone to feelings of stress.


Benefits for the Body

Aside from the positive effects that this brew has on the mood, there are also various benefits that can positively affect the body as well. For starters, oatstraw tea is a diuretic, which can be useful for toning the urinary tract. Drinking this tea on a regular basis can also help to tone your liver, gallbladder, kidneys, and digestive system. Bolster your appetite, metabolism, and circulation with a couple cups of this tea again. Oatstraw tea is an excellent way to help give your well-being a good boost of health. Nails, hair, and skin also benefit from those who drink this tea regularly. Every day, consistent research is uncovering more benefits to be found in oatstraw tea. Aside from drinking this tea, you can alternatively cool a cup of oatstraw and apply it externally with a cloth to areas of your body to help strengthen your skin.