Oat Straw Tea for Depression

Oat straw is the same plant that oats are derived from, most prominently known for being used as food for humans and animals alike. However, it is a little known fact that oat straw is actually higher in vitamin content than the oats themselves. For this reason, many people brew this plant into tea which can be enjoyed for its great advantages. Among the advantages that oat straw tea has to offer, studies have been looking into the possibility that this particular brew may have a positive effect on those who suffer from depression.

Oat Straw Sunset

What is Depression?

There are many who have experienced some form of depression at some point in their lives. Feelings of sadness, disappointment, or regret all fall under the category of emotions felt under depression. If these feelings intensify however, and continue for days on end it may be a sign of a clinical depression, which often times may require treatment or therapy to overcome. Aside from feelings of low mood, other symptoms that tag along with clinical depression include fatigue, loss of appetite, weight-loss, insomnia, and restlessness. This illness can lead to more serious emotional and physical problems.

Oat Straw Field

How Can Oat Straw Tea Help?

Oat straw tea is known as a nervine. This means that it has the ability to support the nervous system which can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety as well as ease some of the symptoms that tag along with diagnosed cases of depression. Oat straw tea can also promote a restful sleep and the mellow taste is great for relaxing with. Drinking oat straw tea in the beginning of the day can also be useful for getting a good head start on the day ahead.