An Herbal Tea With Countless Benefits

In the world of natural healing and herbal remedies, there are numerous options available to choose from. Some of the various teas and tinctures will only help with specific issues like menstrual cramps, for example. Others will provide you with numerous benefits such as giving your body essential nutrients and minerals while still helping deal with health conditions both mundane and serious. Oatstraw tea is a perfect example of the latter group and will give you plenty of supplemental compounds while also delivering assistance at preventing or overcoming various health related issues. There are also tinctures and infusions available, but for many drinking the herb in a tea form is the best way to reap its full benefits.

Oat Straw

Oat straw tea is made from the oat plant; a type of grass native to Scotland and is well known for being grown for its seed which is used in oatmeal as well as in animal feed. The grass sprouts of this plant are also used and often dried to make straw. This oat straw is most commonly known for its use in farming, often as bedding for livestock.  However, it has also had a history of other uses as well. For example, many would use oat straw to help soften the water to be used for baths as well. There are also many health related uses that had been deemed for oat straw as this particular plant is nutrient rich. Oat straw has been brewed into a tea and used for many things such as the softening of the skin. The constituents in oat straw also make it beneficial for helping to lower cholesterol and risk of heart disease as well.

Diuretic Properties

Among the health benefits offered by oatstraw tea, this herbal brew can act as a diuretic. This means that it can help cleanse the bladder by increasing urination. Diuretic herbal teas can help ease the pain of kidney stones as well as help to heal some of the symptoms that are caused by bladder infections. Drinking oat straw tea regularly can also help to reduce the chances of developing a bladder infection by helping to keep the body hydrated since diuretics increase sodium in the system which helps the body to absorb more water as well.

Oat Straw Field

Reduces Symptoms of Depression

Another surprising benefit to be found in oat straw tea is that it can help relieve and reduce symptoms of depression. This is because oat straw tea has been shown to have a positive effect on the nervous system by strengthening it. Oatstraw tea is also rich in vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A and B-complex as well as calcium and other beneficial minerals. Drinking oat straw tea regularly can help to soothe and calm the body, ridding unwanted feelings of stress, anxiety, and fatigue. . For thyroid conditions or estrogen deficiency, appetite loss, and even to promote eating when loss of appetite is a problem, this herbal remedy is a perfect choice. However it is good to note that oat straw tea must be taken regularly in order to have a significant effect.

Other Benefits

There are few other benefits that can be taken from oat straw tea. It may also have positive effects on reducing cholesterol, assisting with other nervous conditions such as insomnia and ADHD, as well as lowering blood sugar levels. Furthermore, drinking oat straw tea can help promote healthy teeth and bones preventing problems like osteoporosis.

Preparation: To prepare oat straw tea, simply take one tea bag and allow it to steep in a cup of boiled water for a period of 15 minutes. Drink one to three times daily for best results. Sugar or honey can be added for additional flavor if desired.

Oat Straw Farm

There are plenty of herbs out there available to you, and oatstraw is one of the very best ones that you can add to your regimen. Its health benefits are enormous and can’t be denied. If you are interested in adding the many benefits of oatstraw tea to your diet, you may be able to find this herbal tea at local health food stores. However, it may be more convenient for you to purchase this tea online. We highly recommend Buddha Teas as a reliable online tea merchant that you can trust. Buddha Teas sells high quality organic teas that are packaged in unbleached tea bags. This is a great benefit to you because it means you will be enjoying the pure taste of an herbal tea without the risk of introducing harmful chemicals like dioxin into your system. We sincerely hope that this article has been informational and has answered any questions you may have regarding oat straw tea. However you are always welcome to contact us for further inquiries if you still have any lingering questions regarding this tea.